Zenway acquires Heroes of the Storm esports team DeadlyKittens

With hopes of growing the esports scene in Southeast Asia, events management company Zenway Productions announced that it has acquired DeadlyKittens, a team that specializes in Blizzard Entertainment’s Heroes of the Storm.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tips from a grand champion (I won once)

You don’t have to call me “the greatest,” but you can if you want and also you have to.

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AR/VR Weekly: Can Transformers spark China’s AR/VR interest?

Transform and roll out … and into your neighborhood virtual reality arcade. That’s what Transformers fan will soon be doing in China.

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This isn’t the VR we’ve been dreaming of — and that’s a good thing

When the term “virtual reality” first became a topic of general conversation, many people had grand expectations of what it would look like when it arrived. Spurred by sci-fi movies like 1982’s “Tron” and 1992’s “The Lawnmower Man,” we imagined complex, fully immersive environments entered using headsets and specialized haptic suits.

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How Ancestry.com gets users to pick the right subscription option (VB Live)

Recurring revenue from subscriptions comes when you set an effective pricing strategy, design an attractive subscription — and then make the payment process utterly seamless. To find out how Ancestry.com does it, catch up with our latest VB Live event.

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Netflix uses real NES Netflix app to reveal its Castlevania show

Konami hasn’t done a much with its Castlevania video game series in recent years, but you know you can’t keep Dracula down forever.

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Founder Institute wants to launch a generation of space entrepreneurs

As kids, becoming an astronaut is a great aspiration for many of us. By the time we grow up, though, the dream of exploring space fades, and we learn that the vast majority of the things being launched into space are satellites.

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Twilio adds Google’s speech recognition to its VoIP platform

Twilio is making it easier for developers to build applications that react to what people say during phone calls with a new feature announced Wednesday.

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Why we’re so bad at teaching bots to talk naturally

In the era of conversational commerce, user experience experts are becoming completely absorbed by one thing: They love talking about how to talk.

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SteamWorld Dig 2 wants you to help write the game’s text

Image & Form Games is hoping the community will steampower its latest Ambassador Challenge contest with enthusiasm for the SteamWorld universe.

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