The way forward with Facebook Messenger bots

From the moment Mark Zuckerberg got on stage at F8 in 2016 and announced the Messenger chatbot ecosystem, innovative brands, agencies, and developers jumped to start testing the waters with chatbots.

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How AI knocks down roadblocks for the auto insurance market

The insurance industry is a catch-22.On one hand, it is a customer-facing landscape, and there is marginal room for error due to the scope of the business. On the other, a vast amount of customer data, usually inputted manually by humans, must be accounted for and analyzed. According to Experian, when data is entered manually, incomplete or missing data makes up 55% of errors, and another 32% accounts for typos — both mistakes that are easy to miss.

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What’s really happening right now with chatbots

One night in Corvallis, with the Oregon State basketball team heading to its 14th straight loss of its season, the talk around the hotel bar moved from the television screen to a far different form of communication — chatbots.

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An easy fix for the airline overbooking problem

Airlines have come under severe criticism recently for how they handle overbooked flights. And several high-profile PR disasters have caused many airlines to re-evaluate their approach for ejecting booked passengers.

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Tech and the renaissance of manufacturing in America

From campaign slogans to executive orders, manufacturing has quickly become one of the most politicized topics of our era. While this may help politicians get elected, it will not ignite a manufacturing renaissance in America. What will is technology.

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Futurist David Brin: Get ready for the ‘first robotic empathy crisis’

Science fiction author and astrophysicist David Brin believes humans have a range of options to consider to prevent artificial intelligence from ruling over people the way kings and foreign invaders.

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You can now get Wi-Fi connectivity on Mount Everest

There may be no escape from the internet. If you can get Wi-Fi on Mount Everest, then you can probably get it anywhere on Earth. And yes, now you can get Wi-Fi in the mountains of Nepal, including on Everest.

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Why Daqri has spread its bets with augmented reality technology

Brian Mullins, CEO of Daqri, has been obsessed with augmented reality technology for many years. And now it has finally grown up.

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5 Alexa skills to try this week

Below is a list of five Alexa skills worth trying selected from Top Enabled, Customer Favorites This Week, and New Skills categories in the Alexa Skills Store on

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Walmart will start training employees in virtual reality

Walmart is betting big on virtual reality to help improve its employee training techniques, and it’s turned to a new company to help.

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